When contacting me about a job, please include the date by which you would need it completed and returned, the approximate quantity, and any other helpful information (ink color, fonts you might choose from the styles I offer, etc). I am happy to answer any questions, make suggestions and work with you to achieve “the look” you desire.


If you will be providing the paper or materials for a job, I usually consider those to be a suitable deposit. If I will be providing the paper, then a 50% deposit is required with the remainder due upon completion. I will then mail or deliver your final package back to you.


I can usually complete small jobs in a week and bigger jobs (over 100 envelopes) in 2-3 weeks. It is good to contact me early for weddings and big events so that we are not rushed and have time in the end for additions or changes.

Specifications when ordering or sending materials:
Please include 20% extra paper for additions, changes or unforeseen errors.


I use a black waterproof ink with a little sheen to it which is nice for envelopes that might get rained on or place cards at a dining table. For other colors, I use a goache paint that is not waterproof but very nice and allows us to match a desired color by mixing according to a color wheel. There is no extra charge for a different color.


I will happily provide elegant paper for your items like place cards or menus for less than you would purchase them elsewhere and then pay for shipping. The card stock of your color choice is hand cut and scored in my studio. Folded, the front measures 4″x2″. If you provide your own paper, please provide 20% extra for additions, changes or unforeseen errors. For quotes, pieces or verses, the watercolor paper in white or cream is included. For place cards or menus, I use elegant card stock with different textures and in different colors.


Regardless of whether your addresses will be centered, staggered or left justified, when sending lists of names and/or addresses, please send in Excel (or something similar) and follow the example below:

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Smith

800 Raven Circle, Northeast

Atlanta, Georgia


Next address and so on, below

Please send the addresses in one long column, either centered or justified.

Please spell everything out unless you choose to have abbreviations.  I try to follow Crane’s Book of Wedding Etiquette but whatever I see on your list will be how I write it on the envelopes. However, if the envelope is smaller than average and/or I

cannot fit everything on a line, then I may choose to write smaller or make an exception and abbreviate.


Shipping costs are an estimate and depend on the amount mailed. Shipping costs will be included in your invoice. I like to use either UPS for weddings or USPS Priority mail which offers fast delivery, reasonably set prices and tracking.


In the process of  lettering your job, I will be probably be asking clarification questions, confirming spelling or making suggestions. You are always welcome to email me with any thoughts or questions.

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